Cosmetic Treatment

Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening improves the appearance of your teeth without removing any of the natural tooth surface. The treatment is completely safe as long as the correct products are used by qualified dentist and strict procedures are followed. Tooth whitening is a better option than a crown or veneer if you want to lighten the colour of healthy teeth, as the placing of crowns and veneers involves changing the shape of the tooth. More information on different types of tooth whitening provided in our clinic can be found here.


Veneers can greatly improve your appearance. They hide imperfections, and you lose very little natural tooth material. Veneers also protect teeth from any more damage. Tooth surface can be dissolved away by acid in the mouth (usually from too frequent consumption of certain kinds of food and drink); this can make teeth very sensitive to hot and cold. In this situation, veneers can protect the teeth. If the tooth is strong, a veneer is often a better option than a crown for improving a tooth’s appearance.

White Fillings

White fillings are less noticeable than silver fillings, which may turn black in the mouth. Unlike silver (amalgam) fillings, white filling material sticks to teeth and can form edges, so it may be effectively used to repair front teeth that are chipped, broken, decayed or worn. It can also be used as a “veneer” to cover marks or discolouration that cleaning wont remove. White fillings come in a range of shades so they can be matched to the colour of your own teeth. A tooth needs less preparation for a white filling than for a silver filling.

Invisible Braces

A recent survey has revealed that 70% of people would avoid wearing a traditional brace, mainly because it would make them feel self-conscious. Invisible braces aim to achieve perfect teeth-straightening results without the need for visible wires, which can be a source of embarrassment for some people. Using a system of clear aligners that look like transparent gum shields, your teeth are slowly moved into their desired position. The aligners are changed every two to four weeks. The advantage of invisible braces over metal ones is that you can remove them to clean your teeth and eat. More information on type of invisible braces provided in our clinic can be found here.