Implants are one way of replacing missing teeth. Some people have real difficulties with removable dentures. Implants can overcome these difficulties, in particular for eating and speaking properly and they may improve appearance. If a denture is necessary, implants can greatly improve stability. People will not be able to see that your teeth are supported by implants. Implants also can be used in place of bridges to replace one or multiple missing teeth without need to prepare adjacent teeth.

“Dental Implants are often one of the simplest treatment choices, provided they are delivered in a correct manner and in an appropriate setting. Choosing to have dental implants can be a life changing decision for many patients, so choosing the right clinic and implant surgeon is extremely important. My attitude to patient care is very simple – I believe in treating my patients in the way I would wish to be treated myself. This may sound obvious, but when helping a patient to make an important decision, it’s important to me personally that they understand every aspect of their proposed treatment. This way I can be sure that they have complete confidence in their treatment decision and my skills. The key to provide precise, effective and comfortable implantology is making full use of the latest dental technologies such as CT scans and stents to meticulously plan each operation. This, combined with high quality implant systems supported by impeccable research and evidence, means that my patient and I can be sure of their treatment.”

Dr Rahim Kanji